What drives a customer to your shop / website?

When you have competition, and want your customers to buy from you, what can you do?I always have thoughts, what drives a customer to buy from a particular shop?

1: Price: Yes price is a definitely a  factor that a customer decides when choosing a retailer. The price is based on the quality you sell.

2: Delivery time: If you are an online portal, delivery time is significant factor which the customers decides. How ever if you offer a very good price, some customers even will wait for the delivery even if its a week or so. but not more than that.

3: Trust: The brand image you build for your company is also a deciding factor. As a customer myself i dont buy an item from unknown onliners or bad reputed companies. So brand image is very important in this matter.

4: Offers / Discounts/ Coupons: Yeah people fall for offers every time, atleast they tend to check the details if you post an offer. Make sure the offer is legit and the customer saves something from it. A bad offer can also effect negative as users might well not come back even if you put a good ad.

5: Reward Points: I am a customer and i intend to buy a mobile phone. I checked 2 websites and found the price and delivery time to be same. both had good reputation, now what would make me decide upon? Imagine one company had a Reward point system. Each purchase is rewarded in points and i can redeem them for discounts from the same company. so i decided to go with this company, as i get some things extra along with my purchase.

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