Top 9 Best Apps to use if you sell online...

Social media is a great place to sky rocket your target audience, but its no way you can spend your most time on social medias, but there are great tools to help. These are some of the tools that i use to target my social media audience

1: Ecam for Mac: this is the best software to go live with your videos from your mac. 

2: Restream: You might have many social media pages, and platforms, like twitter, facebook, linked in, instagram etc etc, and if you want to show your live videos on all the platforms at one time, only one option is to copy paste to all social medias manually. But another better way is restream app, this helps to stream your live videos to multi social media sites in one click. 

3: Socialbees: Time is precious, and in social media you need to post your content at times when the users are online to make sure they see it in their time line. But to be online and to post on those time means its very very hard as you have other things to do too. Here Socialbees comes to help. One among the best social media content scheduling software. I have tried buffer, socialpilot, hootsoot etc, and found this to be more user-friendly and useful. One good part is this has Google My Business posting, which other apps do not have (only social pilot has google my business as of now)

4: Franz: If you have multiple social media accounts and what to use it online with your team for relying to messages, Franz is one best tool. you can use multiple whatsapp chat accounts, fb, etc etc. I find it very very useful as we have multi accounts in whatsapp for different countries.

5: this is one great website that lets you buy apps or softwares in 90% off. This website had saved a lot of money that I pay on apps. Nowadays everything is by subscriptions, and in appsumo you get for lifetime deals for as low as 49USD. worth it, try it.

6: QurioBot: Bots and Ai are the future now. I use Quriobot as my chatbot. Tried and tested and i liked the way they expand and spend on future updates. if you want to see an example how to attract users to your whatsapp app group based on the place they stay, check this link

7: Sending sms to your customers about their order status is a must these days. Be it promotional or transactional, experttexting found to be one among the best when i searched online for its competitors...

8: Whatsapp Api: Eagerly waiting for whatsapp to release their api to send transactional messages. I know the fact that we can use whatsapp api with third party apps, but did not find that to be very useful unless the user has already initiated a chat with us.

9: IMS: We were selling online mainly social media, and we had to digitalize our orders. For that we custom built an Inventory Management Software. Custom softwares helps a business to mould the applications to their needs. All business are not alike, and we need to understand all the aspects of the business before creating a custom software.

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