Chat bots as in "Robot" can do minor computer program assistant jobs online. For example: If you have a facebook fan page / website with a chat option, and customers or fans, pings you to know more about your page, or a location to your shop, and even want to buy something, the traditional way is to give replies to the your fans by a physical human being. but the problem with a human being spending his precious time just to reply to frequently asked questions is repetitive. this is where chatbots come in, they are powered by artificial intelligence. We can feed them with questions and answers or a flow chart on how to give answers to a specific question or to place an order, or even show our location map, or even let them call to a specific numbers and guide our fans to a specific website also.

now in any team, the social media chats would be managed by a team member, but what if the customer are online in odd hours, and the team member is not online. this is where chatbots comes useful., the reply will be instant regardless of any time. 

Imagine, if you need to keep your staffs online to reply to messages or chats. You need to have at least 3 staffs working on shifts to be 24x7. We will also need an office, internet, laptops, electricity, pay rent, pay salary etc. The monthly expense is enormous. But if you have a chatbot, all you need is a server. the difference in expenses is also enormous. this is why in future, i can say, companies will prefer chatbots instead of staffs replying. 

Some advantages of chatbots. 

1: can take any number of chats at a time. If you have 10 chats at a time, chatbots replies to all 10chats simultaneously, but your staffs needs to finish one chat and then go to another. 

2: chat bots does not need to be motivated to work fast or work well. however, staffs needs to be motivated to work harder to attain the desired results. 

3: Chatbots are unbiased: While chatting, customers asks many questions and some times our staffs mood also changes if they get crappy questions from users, but this does not happen with chatbots. you can control what answers to be given and so we can fix a benchmark on our services.  

this is just a formal intro to chabot. the best part lies when we realise how we can utilise them to specific industries. say in a hospital, you can take an appointment just by chatting in their facebook page, or order food online from the hotels mobile app. not even bothering another human being

Next big thing going to happen is AI... wait for it...

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